Where did you go the first time you needed a passport?

Remember your first passport? The excitement of receiving it, knowing you are about to go on a major adventure. My son, in this picture, just received his first passport and his smile says it all. Your passport is not just another Identification, it is a window into your travels. It is your past adventures, and the ones you have yet to go on, a log of stamps to exotic places you have been, hopes of places you wish to go. Your passport is a magical key that opens up opportunities to the whole world and all the amazing people in it.

For me, my first passport took me to Haiti. We spent two weeks working in and building an orphanage for children. We planned the trip for months, filled out paperwork, passed background checks, saved money, and took time off of work. The planning was almost as exciting as the trip itself! Anticipating the adventure, researching the location, and learning as much as I could about the history and the people of Haiti. We watched documentaries on Haiti, researched on the internet, and located people who where already expats in the country.

By the time I left for this foreign country, I already considered myself an avid traveler. I had already traveled around most of the country; Canada and Mexico (neither country required a passport at the time). When we left the Miami Airport and landed in Haiti, this place that I had researched, learned, and dreamed about for months—it seemed really foreign to me. The language, the signs, the people were all distinctly Haitian. Fear of the unknown was only outweighed by the excitement of a new adventure.

During this two weeks we experienced the breathtaking culture and people of Haiti. No amount of preparation would brace me for the emotions and thrills that we lived in those two weeks. The air was different, the sun was different, everything was new. I was hooked. From this moment on, I knew I would travel the world and experience new ventures as a Sojourner.

The excitement in my sons face illustrates his thrill as he will soon live life as a traveler. His passport will take him around the world. Antiquities will be his classroom, excursions will be his place of study. Follow us as we write about our engagement with the world.

As we stop in each place, I will write about business traveling. For the last 10 years I have traveled the world for work and now on my second passport. I have learned along the way the do’s and don’ts in business travel, with additional tips and tricks to get the most out of your valuable time. I will be sharing this in a thought provoking read that I hope you will enjoy. You will also learn about interesting must-see locations and off the beaten path jaunts. Thank you for following me and please contribute your own experiences as well as I am sure other business travelers will be able to benefit from your comments.

If you don’t have your passport yet, you can get information on how to apply for yours here.

And I ask again, where did your first passport take you?  Comment below and let me know.




Having worked for some of the biggest tech companies, I have traveled extensively on business. I also travel the world with my family as we explore locations, cultures, & interesting places.