Welcome to Portland Oregon, or known as Bridgetown by locals. With 12 bridges crossing the city and its majestic landscapes under Mt Hood, Portland is the business center for the state of Oregon and its largest city. It’s definitely not what you would expect. Nestled on the Willamette River (It’s pronounced Willamette, dammit – they rhyme!) it has the 30th largest port in the US.  The slogan here is “Keep Portland Weird” but really it’s a pretty normal city with an eclectic vibe. Accommodations – When I stay in Portland for a business trip, I forgo the National chains at the expense of my miles to stay in one of the many boutique hotels. There are plenty of them and provide a nice experience for my stay. My favorite and highest recommendation is McMenamins Crystal Hotel in Downtown. McMenamins is a name known throughout the Pacific Northwest for its quirky but uniquely Northwest culture. A…