About The Sidetrekkers


We are excited you showed up! However you ended up here, we would love to hear from you. Read, comment and interact with us. We would love to introduce ourselves and invite you to be a part of our journey. It’s shaping up to be a wild ride with all of our different personalities! We are a family of 6 + 2, headed out in 2018 to travel the world. We are David, Kim. Jade, Elijah, Jazmine & Emmett along with Kim’s brother Dave and sister-in-law Arwen. 8 is enough or will it be too many?
As avid travelers of many different backgrounds we can provide you with insight and inspiration from our experiences to help you plan, build and even present your own expeditions. We are now planning to embark on a worldwide trip all together. I’m more than sure it’s going to be chaotic, crazy, frustrating, fun, adventurous and downright hilarious. I have a suspicion you’re going to want to stay connected and follow this epic journey.

David is an avid business traveler who as an Engineer in the tech sector has traveled the world for over a decade. David’s Destinations is focused on business travel. With Insights to locations as well as travel tips along the way, we hope you not only enjoy reading about these places but also reach out to David for more specific advice or just to share a story.

David and Arwen Rhodes are devoted to outdoors travel. Young Empty nesters who have left the rat race of American Suburbia to a life dedicated to travel. David is currently employed by the Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort; in the summer, he will be a rafting guide. Arwin currently works at a vineyard. Indecently both David and Arwin used to manage a vineyard in Dallas Oregon. So certainly, expect wine talk to be peppered into each travel location they may be at.

Kim is a “I will never stay at home” mom. Traveling the world with 3 school children and using the world antiquities as their classroom. Listen for updates on how we make “Not at home” schooling a reality. She will be providing tips and tricks to traveling with kids and learning along the way.Jade is a recent High School graduate who is in her gap year before going to the University of Washington. Jade is a thespian with special interests in art and music. Jade’s Journeys is content for the teen generation or the young at heart who love culture presented in art and music.