Chiang Mai is an amazing family destination. Here are 10 things to do with kids in Chiang Mai to keep everyone entertained and have a great time while you’re there.


Every evening, the city of Chiang Mai comes alive when the Night Bazaar opens.  It is situated along a three-block stretch of Chan Klan Road in the middle of the city.  The Night Bazaar has food carts, lots of bars, plenty of souvenirs and live entertainment. Chiang Mai Night Market is one of the cities’ amazing places to take your family. It is a colorful and bustling market.  Keep an eye on your kids because it does get crowded in the high season and the lanes are narrow. Take your time, be patient and learn how to bargain.  However, be mindful and respect that these vendors earn a very modest income and these goods are already pretty cheap.
As always, have FUN and eat something different than you normally would.

We all know you and your kids are going to be giggling like 5 year old boys when you hear “PooPoo Park”. But, seriously how fun would it be to play with poop and make paper?!?
Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park is an eco-friendly, naturally built, outdoor museum park that introduces and explains the unique steps involved in making paper products from elephant poop fibers!
The Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park journey is typically 45-60 minutes. The Park is appropriate for all age groups and is extremely kid-friendly!
What I particularly love about this place (other than saying PooPoo Park) is that they seriously strive to be sustainable.  On their website they say, “We strive to offer a genuinely innovative, entertaining, informative, eco-friendly experience to visitors – one that is uniquely Thai. A commitment to both the planet and the people is at our core. We believe in pursuing the middle way – where we can balance care for the natural environment and the people and communities we work with, together, with our commercial pursuits.
Tickets can be purchased at our front gate on arrival and cost THB100 per person. No advanced ticket purchase is required.
Now, go get poopy!

3. MONK CHATColm Britton
A Monk Chat is what now?  Well, in areas frequented by tourists, there are sitting areas set aside where monks who can speak some English make themselves available for informal chats with tourists.  Here is where the mom’s get all excited and yell “a educational opportunity – woohoo!”  Seriously though, what a fun and interactive way to teach your kids about religions and cultures that might not be your own.  The kids can come up with questions and participate in their own learning. A couple things to remember, please dress respectfully, also maybe leave a donation in the box afterwards.
Happy Learning!

At Catmosphere you simply pop in, place your order and wait for the cats to stroll by. They recommend you come in the morning or evening when the cats are most active.
Then, when you get done playing with the cats, head into the shop because you have to get the t-shirt that says “May the Meow Be With You”.

Your older kids are going to love this one!  Founded in 2007, Flight of the Gibbon provides action packed adventure experiences to people of all ages. Ziplining is suitable and safe for all ages ranging from children to senior citizens. No special training is required and guests are looked after by their highly trained Sky Rangers. Participants must be a minimum height of 1 metre (3ft 3in) to ensure the harness can be fitted securely. The maximum permissible weight of individuals is 125kg (275lbs) although our equipment is actually designed to take much greater weights.
Now, go swing from some trees!


If you have a couple of hours to spare and want to get out of the hectic city for a while then take a Mae Ping River Cruise. Leave the city behind and relax awhile, carried along the cool waters of the River Ping. Enjoy the ever changing scene: resplendent teak houses, rural greenery and sunny faced kids scrambling into the water with shouts of glee. Stop at a local farmer’s house and see for yourself the cultivation of jasmine rice and a variety of herbs for use in both medicine and cookery. Enjoy a snack of seasonal fresh fruit and savour the refreshing taste of lemon-grass and other herb juices.


I love the zoo and the Chiang Mai Zoo does not disappoint!  There are 400 animal species represented in the zoo including koalas, Humboldt penguins, Cape fur seals, the only rhino in Thailand, hippos, flamingos, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, camels, lions, tigers, Barbary sheep, Malayan tapir, and many types of reptiles. The zoo is also home to two elephants and three giant pandas. 🐼 🐼 🐼


8Adventures is the premier whitewater rafting Chiang Mai outfitter. Serving up the highest quality Whitewater Rafting and kayaking adventure trips on the Mae Taeng River. 8Adventures also operates international trips on some of the best rivers in the world. They also say to let them know if you can’t swim or have very young children and they will have a fun solution
for you. They also offer a child price.


At Thai Farm Cooking School, you can escape from the bustling city for a day. Learn how to prepare and cook a Thai meal while enjoying the relaxing non-touristy countryside. On the way to the farm you will stop at a local market for a brief tour. The school is approximately 17 kms from Chiang Mai city.
Mmmmmm, enjoy!


Chiang Mai has over 300 Buddhist temples (“wat” in Thai). These include: Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, the city’s most famous temple, stands on Doi Suthep, a hill to the north-west of the city. The temple dates from 1383.
Wat Chiang Man is Chiang Mai’s oldest temple; and Wat Phra Singh is a blaze of light and colour.


I love to travel so much that I've taken my 6 kids with me across the globe. Yea, it get's crazy but I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything.


  1. Hi Kim 🙂
    Playing with poop?? That’s hilarious! I definitely need to make a trip to Chiang Mai soon, it seems full of things to do – with or without kids


    • Kim Reply

      Oh Chiang Mai is one of my favorite places! And who doesn’t think playing with poop would be fun? LOL
      Happy Travels!

    • Kim Reply

      Doesn’t that sounds so interesting? I haven’t had a chance to do that yet, but it is certainly what we will be doing when I take the family back to Chiang Mai. Enjoy your travels!

  2. Kim great post on Chiang Mai! If we had more time when we go to Bali in a few weeks I would live to take a swing by and check out some of the spots. Looks like another beautiful place to hang out for a while. Added to the ever growing list of locations to visit!

    • Kim Reply

      HI Ken, The list of places to go just gets longer and longer doesn’t it?!? I know ours does 🙂
      I can’t wait to see your pics of Bali – they are going to be amazing. Have fun exploring!

  3. Thank you for an informative article about Chiang Mai. So far we haven’t taken our kids to Thailand but sure thing Chiang Mai would be something!
    PooPoo and chatting with monks to start with 😉

    • Kim Reply

      Hi Hannah — Chiang Mai is perfect for kids. It’s a slower pace than Bangkok. The people are incredibly helpful. A lot of expats have moved there because of the beauty and culture in the northern part of Thailand. You and your kids would love it, Im sure. Happy traveling!

  4. Hi Kim,

    Great post! We were in Chang Mai long before having kids, but we definitely want to get back there someday. I’d love to do a cooking class again. Yum!!

    • Kim Reply

      Hi Celine, I have taken a Thai cooking class in Portland but how much better would it be in THAILAND! Happy Travels!

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